Darth Sidious is a Sith Lord who disguised himself as Chancellor Palpatine, he was secretly a Sith Lord and later rises as Leader Of The Empire.

Attempt to corrupt Luke SkywalkerEdit

As Empreor Palpatine he was the master of Darth Vader eventually he sent Darth Vader to try to get Luke Skywalker to fall to the Dark Side, but his apprentice's attempt was thwarted when Luke dove into the depths of Bespin.


Eventually Palpatine was tired of playing games and ordered Vader to bring his son to him, Vader agreed and knew Sidous was going to kill his son, but as Sidous shocked Luke, Vader could'nt take it and teamed up with Luke to assassinate Sidous, as the duel went on, Sidous's own apprentice Darth Vader picked him up and fufilled the prophecy by killing Lord Sidous.

Mission Appearences Edit

The Complete Saga

  • Chancellor In Peril
  • Defense Of Kashyyk (Hologram)
  • Ruin Of The Jedi (Hologram)
  • Darth Vader
  • Jedi Destiny (Killed)

The Clone Wars

  • Gungan General
  • The Zillo Beast
  • Hostage Crisis